Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) / Impressed Current Anti Fouling (ICAF)

The full functionality of seawater cooling systems is of paramount importance for a ship’s sustained performance. To ensure this, MGPS/ICAF systems are used in order to prevent the settlement and multiplication of marine life micro-organisms.

In operation, the system (consisting of anodes connected to a control panel) sents an impressed electrical current to the anodes (mounted in pairs and in direct contact with the flow of water entering the seawater lines) which release ions. These ions are then transported by the seawater into the pipework system.

The process stops the accumulation of marine life, thereby eliminating the high maintenance cost due to severe malfunction as well as the vessel’s unscheduled downtime.

Benefits of MGPS/ICAF Systems

  • No annual subscription fees required
  • Log sheet service provided
  • Full functioning of vessel’s cooling water systems
  • Installation for both newbuilt vessels and as a retrofit
  • Automatic operation
  • System fault alarm indication
  • Additional corrosion prevention (ions produce an anti-corrosive layer on the internal surfaces of pipes)
  • No hazardous chemicals involved (as opposed to dosing systems)
  • A wide range of control units to suit vessels of various sizes
  • Cost effective, no need for pipework cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compatible with all cooling systems (open or closed)