Maintenance Guide

Annual check – Maintenance Inspection

  • Inspection of the installation sticker is the first step. If the device has exceeded its 3 year service time, replacement is required.
  • Thoroughly inspect the stable contact point of the cable attached to the installation, the contact earthing point and the side grounding pin on the device.
  • Measure the impressed current with a voltmeter and if the reading is 1 volt or higher, it means that the anode is functioning properly. If the reading is lower than 1 volt, device replacement is required.
  • If the earthing bolt is decayed or cut by oxidation, replace it.
  • If either the earthing pin on the side is destroyed or the whole device is visibly decayed, device replacement is required.
  • Following these steps ensures the proper care and optimal operation of the installation.
  • It is necessary to fill 5ml of tap water with the syringe into the hole on the top of the device for STOPCOR Heater Pro 1 and 10 ml for Heater Pro 2.
  • To maintain the device, repeat the above procedure every year from the date of installation.