STOPCOR® Ltd - The New Way to say protection.innovation.

We initially began operations in 1968, providing proven Cathodic Protection solutions to Electrochemical Corrosion issues in the maritime and the industrial sectors.

Building on the pioneering vision of its founder, Mr Nikitas Kounadinis, the company has gained unrivalled reputation as a source of unmatched expertise regarding corrosion prevention, manufacturing sacrificial anodes and Impressed Current systems( ICCP).

STOPCOR Ltd is a company comprised of scientists, chemical engineers and highly motivated professionals.

It is based in London, United Kingdom with industrial facilities in Athens, Greece.

Utilizing our extensive experience in conjunction with our investment in Research & Development, we have invented the STOPCOR® product line.

STOPCOR® is an innovative product, designed to meet the particular demands of every domestic or commercial installation requiring protection from electrochemical corrosion and limescale.

STOPCOR® is an Internationally Patented method including Europe, the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.
WO 2018/011608 / EP3485064 / US11,091,841 B2, P6000057/2019.

The entire product range has been available through Professional Plumbers Associations as well as merchants specializing in plumbing and heating equipment worldwide.

Today, STOPCOR® Ltd is in a state of constant improvement.
Our dedicated personnel and our resolute determination to uphold our quality standards is the foundation on which we will keep moving forward.

Thank you for your unwavering support!

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