STOPCOR Method Presented

by Ioanna Kounadini

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Corrosion & Limescale Control For Plumbing & Heating

Decades of experience have resulted in the invention of a proprietary method of generating Cathodic Protection Current.

Our worldwide patented STOPCOR® technology is the ideal solution against Corrosion and Limescale.

STOPCOR is a cathodic protection system and a water conditioner which imposes protective current up to -1.5V without the need of an external power source or batteries.

The current is naturally generated through a sacrificial magnesium anode.

STOPCOR protects any plumbing or heating system of both Domestic and Commercial applications.

Innovative – Easy external application – No water contact

Think Smart – ThinK Easy – Think STOPCOR!

What causes Electrochemical corrosion?

Electrolysis is a naturally occurring phenomenon resulting in the corrosion of metal surfaces.

Electrochemical corrosion (electrolysis) is brought about by the flow of ions from negatively charged metals to positively charged metals when they are connected in the same environment. The resulting electromotive force appears as voltage. This voltage is proportional to the flow of the aforementioned ions and its increase directly affects the intensity of the electrolysis phenomenon.

The naturally occurring phenomenon of electrolysis manifests itself in metal structures, bridges, storage tanks and generally in plumbing installations, machinery, engines etc.

STOPCOR Reduces Limescale

STOPCOR uses a technology that has been successfully applied in both domestic and commercial setting for over 20 years.

In its formal state scale crystals form in complex structure and stick together.

STOPCOR imposes a direct current up to -1,5V without the need of an external power source that changes the crystal form of limescale to a simple structure.

It creates a magnetic field, thereby activating the Brownian movement in water which is the random movement of particles.

Limescale loses its ability to stick and no longer forms deposits.

It is simply washed away with water.

The natural crystallization process builds up scale deposits which are simultaneously taken away by carbonic acid in the water. Usually scale builds up faster than it is removed by the carbonic acid.

STOPCOR changes the balance of limescale and carbonic acid and thereby removing already existing deposits faster than they build up.

This way the piping network gets cleaned and the plumbing and heating equipment is protected by the damaging effects of limescale accumulation.

Moreover, the water treated by STOPCOR does not lose minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The natural composition of the elements in the water remains the same. However, due to a change of the water surface tension , all plumbing parts such as taps and shower heads are scale free and the feeling on the skin is remarkably softer while taking a shower or even simply washing your hands.

Most importantly, Limescale loses its adhesive characteristic.

STOPCOR is an innovative and advanced water conditioner.

Key Features

The STOPCOR anode product line utilizes the method of producing and imposing impressed current through a sacrificial magnesium anode which creates an electrolytic dipole capable of generating voltage of up to 1,5 volt and current density of up to 10mA when present in a standard environment.


All in 1 product saves you money.


External fitting means no contact with drinking water.

Long term

Long term protection guaranteed.


It protects extended surfaces compared to other methods available.


No external power source required.


It provides consistent voltage and amperage throughout its 3 – year lifespan.


Environmentally friendly.


The active nature of the magnesium metal entails naturally generated current, compatible with other metals.

Fields of Application


No, grounding is only taken from the wedging anchor on the wall /concrete floor and it is perfectly efficient.
Proper maintenance check requires the use of a multimeter / voltmeter on 2 VDC scale.
The reading of the voltmeter needs to be 1 volt or higher.
Proper connection is possible at any given metallic point of the existing plumbing network.
STOPCOR has been designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and it is not affected by weather conditions.

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Internationally Patented

STOPCOR is an Internationally Patented by WIPO Organization  No WO 02018/011608 and  to the I.P.O. (Industrial Property Organization) under the patent number 1007131.

Celebrating 50 years in corrosion control

Celebrating 50 years in corrosion control

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